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Grants For Teachers
Contributions to NEF fund the competitive grants program which provides $500 - $10,000 for classroom innovation four times per year.
Grants for the iGniTe Fund
Contributions to the iGniTe NEF Fund supports gifted and enrichment program activities for students K-12.
Honorarium Donations
Make a donation to the Northside Education in honor of a birthday, anniversary, retirement, or any special occasion. Notify the Northside Education Foundation at patricia.moreno@nisd.net of the donation. Please include the name address of the honoree so a card may be sent. Also include your contact information.
Memorial Donations
Make a memorial donation in rememberance of a loved one. The family will receive a condolence card. Please email patricia.moreno@nisd.net to notify the Foundation of your donation. Please include the name of the deceased and contact info for the family and yourself.
The Northside Education Foundation has a number of scholarships. Please click on the link of the scholarship you are interested in supporting.

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